Worlize Quick Start Tutorial

Login to Worlize  www.worlize.com  using your Facebook or Twitter account

Your own world is ready and waiting to be customized !  Select Home from the menu.

AUTHOR MODE: Customize all aspects of your world. You are the owner.


You can find free backgrounds already sized at 950 X 570 here:  http://worlize.darlingdollz.com/backgrounds.htm
Most wallpaper can be used for backgrounds as well, and will resize automatically.


ROOMS & DOORS: Create lots of rooms in your world and connect them all with Doors.


ROOM LIST:  Every world has its own list of rooms, viewable within that world.


WORLD SETTINGS:  Change your World Name and choose your Own Web Address for
a direct link to your world. 


WORLD SETTINGS- ROOMS:  Change rooms names from anywhere in your world.
You can change the room order by dragging the room names to a new position on the list. 
Hiding your room will make it invisible.

DIRECTORY:  A list of worlds sorted in order of user population.
There are many more worlds which currently are not listed when the owner is offline.

APPS: Fun additions to add to your world.

Open the Marketplace at the bottom of the apps window to get some Free Apps!

OBJECTS:  Upload an image to use as an object for decoration or a link to another area.
PNG images work best if you want something transparent.
Note: Objects retain their size when uploaded.


Upload an image or an animated gif.  Props are used as decorations.
To keep props permanently in a room, either upload them as objects or
use the App called Prop Saver.  This can be found in the marketplace under your apps tab in the locker.

You can find some cute props to decorate your world, use as objects or props  http://worlize.darlingdollz.com/toys1.htm

 SHARE your experience on FACEBOOK, take a snapshot and post it.


Avatars are the heart and soul in a Visual Chat World.  Images that represent you!
Look on the directory for worlds with Avatars or upload images from the web. The possibilities are endless.

Bring your friends or make some new ones. Conversations in a Visual Chat World are more fun that texting!


Fun Chat Options:


On the right side of the screen you'll have a list of friends.  See when your friends are online. Invite facebook friends.
-Click on their name and go to their location or visit their world even if they are offline.
-ADD A NEW FRIEND: Left click on a person's name in the room and add them as a new friend.
-Invite to your current room:  Select a friend from the list and choose Invite To Your Location to ask a friend to your room.